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Vested Interest Trading

Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business


Vested Interest Trading sources its products ethically and employs

Local artisans are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet with the rising costs

Textiles and jewelry that are being exported to Western countries that used to provide an adequate income for the people are now being made and exported cheaper Vested Interest Trading supports the quality of life, livelihood and protection of the Balinese culture

Fair Trade is an international social movement that allows farmers in developing countries to achieve better working and trading This is achieved by improving social and environmental standards at work as well as promoting sustainable agriculture The Fair Trade movement focuses on products that are typically exported from countries in the developing world to

Why is

The main goal of Fair Trade, especially in Bali is to empower and help Balinese farmers and artisans Fair Trade’s rules guarantee an income that is sustainable, giving employees the opportunity to advance and support in a safe working environment, while also promoting eco-friendly practices, being open to public accountability, and building long-term trade relations

Fair Trade vendors are the most reliable

You are supporting the creation of opportunities for economically weak Fair Trade is a non-profit organization that promotes the fight against poverty sustainable growth, sustainable growth, as well as development for local people

You are helping to continue the efforts for equality and gender equity Fair Trade vendors place a large emphasis on making sure that women’s efforts are respected and appreciated as the efforts of men

You support the end of child exploitation and the protection of Fair Trade companies always provide secure and safe working conditions for their employees

Fair Trade products are an act of respect and reverence Fair Trade helps producers to enhance their local knowledge to keep and preserve their cultural

You agree to pay a fair price This is decided through discussion and the participation of It is set to cover not only the costs of production , but for artisans to be able to participate in a production system that is socially just and sustainable

Fair Trade vendors are also able to make sure that they pay their suppliers and, if they can, assist producers in obtaining

You support the preservation and use of the land for the next generation Fair Trade vendors learn how to manage local resources sustainably Vendors are very close to their producers They choose areas with high biodiversity whenever they can to create products that don’t harm landscape but rather improve it

You can be part of a global conversation and revolution of Fair Trade practices are designed to promote cross-cultural understanding between consumers and communities in the developing world

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Business Name:

Vested Interest Trading


1407 Main St N
Callander Ontario P0H 1H0



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